Paul Richards is a drummer, playwright, novelist, comedian and drum teacher based in Cambridge. 36, lanky, can’t grow a beard. Likes to talk about himself in the third person.

As a comedy writer/performer he has taken countless (well, 21) shows to the Edinburgh Fringe, tours the UK and Europe frequently in his 19-year-old Volvo and has had some quite nice reviews in the process. He talks very fast, often about his love of Ginsters slices and often tries to justify it all as theatre. His current show recently won an award, which is lovely.

As a drummer, recordings he has drummed all over have been broadcast on Channel 4, BBC Radio 5, BBC 6 Music – all the usual places you’d expect to find a professional groovester. He is constantly on tour with lovely musician chums in award-winning bands and is continually in demand by various artists for a range of versatile projects. He has toured the UK, a lot, and China.

As a writer, Paul has written lots of plays, with his work performed all over the world. He’s had a couple plays published in Canada, and quite a few back here in England. His collection of short stories, The Stationery Seller, has been a bit of a success and his debut novel, My Function Band Hell, was released at the end of 2016.

His debut movie, 50 Ways to Leave Your Drummer, was released in 2015. He is the co-writer of 2 musicals.

This website is partly here to put all of Paul’s work into one place (because at one point he had six different websites and it was a nightmare to maintain), but also so Paul can have his full schedule somewhere online just in case he accidentally deletes his diary off his phone again.

Contact: thepaulrichards AT


Need some high quality drums on your record but can’t get to a studio? Or maybe you would like some grooves laid down to help you write your latest masterpiece? Either way, you don’t have to be in the same room as Paul now to get his drums on your recording as he can record his parts remotely and get the audio files back over to you in whichever format you desire.

For remote recording, Paul has teamed up with producer/engineer extraordinaire Andy Cross – owner of Cambridge-based studio, Zoo Audio. Andy’s clients include BBC TV and radio, Channel 5 and Acoustiguide - for Museum of Modern Art, New York. 

Each project will be discussed in-house before recording commences to give you the best results possible. 

So wherever you are in the world, if you need professional studio drums on your project, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Fred's House: Careless (Album, released October 2018)
Asympt Man: Caught In A Fire (Single, 2018)
Asympt Man: Chasing Infinity (EP, 2018) 
I, Claudia: Storms and Silver Linings (Album, expected 2018)
Gavin Chappell-Bates: The Last One (Album, 2018)
Fred's House: Can We Just Pretend? (Single, 2018)
Fred's House: Never Gonna Love You (Single, 2018)
Pillars: Red Room (EP, 2017)
Pillars: Scarborough Fair (Single, 2017)
Gavin Chappell-Bates: Good Faith/Bad Faith (Single, 2017)
Gavin Chappell-Bates: Lovely Day (Single, 2017)
We Are Sound: Music Changes Everything (Album, 2017)
The Freewheeler Project: An Album for Macmillan Cancer Support (Album, 2016)
Daisy Bell: EP (2016)
Fred’s House: Faultlines (Album, 2016)
Pillars: Pillars 4 (EP, 2016)
The Third Draft of Your Christmas Card: It Just Feels a Bit Like Christmas (Double a-side single, 2015)
Flaming June: In Pursuit Of Happiness (EP, 2015)
Fred’s House: Ghost Town (Single, 2015)
Fred’s House: Shut Up and Dance (Single, 2015)
Steve Logan: Deliverance (Album, 2015)
Pillars: Pillars 3 (EP, 2015)
Pillars: Pillars 2 (EP, 2014)
Fred’s House: Christmas at Home (Single, 2014)
David Mitchell-Jones: College project track (Demo, 2014)
Fred’s House: Live From The Ent Shed – limited edition (250) CD (Album, 2014)
The Prisoner Of Mars: A Night Out in the Wrong Shoes (Album, 2014)
The Dowsing Sound Collective: Valentines Show – Live At Trinity College, Cambridge (Album & DVD, 2014)
The Dowsing Sound Collective: Reality Checkpoint (Single, 2014 – released on the Cycle Of Songs app for Tour de France)
Eureka Stockade: If (Single 2014)
The Free Kicks: Roy! (Single, 2014)
Bleary Eyed By Dawn: Midnight Sessions (Album, 2014)
Pillars: Pillars 1 (Album, 2014)
The Dowsing Sound Collective: The Dowsing Christmas Cocktail – Live At The Corn Exchange, Cambridge 2013 (Double Album & DVD, 2014)
Fred’s House: Bonnie & Clyde (Album, 2014)
The Dowsing Sound Collective: Home – Live At Ely Cathedral (Double Album & DVD, 2013)
Grace Williams & The Bare Bones Band: Christmas Album For Alzheimer’s (Album, 2013)
The Dowsing Sound Collective: Liquid State (EP, 2013)
The British IBM: CGE Adventures (Single, 2013)
The Prisoner Of Mars: POMMY (Album, 2013)
The British IBM: Q Sessions (Mini-album live album – originally broadcast on Q Radio, 2013)
Dowsing For Sound: Liquid State – Live At The Cambridge Corn Exchange (DVD, 2013)
Flaming June: Rumplestiltskin (EP, 2013)
Trevor Jones: Plays Covers Galore (Promo Album, 2013)
Eureka Stockade: Through Every Darkness (Single, 2013)
The British IBM: God’s Front Porch (Single, 2012)
Tinsel Face: Tinsel Face (Album, 2012)
Trevor Jones: A Very Merry Christmas Everyone (Single, 2012)
The Prisoner Of Mars: Various Stages (Album, Paul appears on 2 tracks, 2012)
Flaming June: Blood Sweat & Tears (EP, Paul appears on 2 tracks, 2012)
Paul Goodwin: Live In The Reception Classroom Of Bourne Church Of England Primary School, Bourne, Cambridgeshire (Mini-Album, 2012)
The British IBM: The British IBM (Album, 2012)
The British IBM: The British IBM (Single, 2012)
The British IBM: Animal (Single, 2012)
The Prisoner Of Mars: Think Tank Panzer Division (Album, 2012)
Trevor Jones Band: Live In Cambridge (Live DVD, 2011)
Flaming June: Nerves Of Steel (EP, 2011)
Flaming June: Nerves Of Steel (Single, 2011)
Eureka Stockade: She Got Good (Single, 2011)
Eureka Stockade: Without You (Single, 2011)
Eureka Stockade: All Alone (Single, 2011)
The Prisoner Of Mars: Tertiary (Album, Paul appears on 6 tracks, 2011)
Eureka Stockade: Violence (Single, 2011)
The Prisoner Of Mars: Their Satanic Majesties Request (Album, Paul appears on 4 tracks, 2011)
Laura Tapp: You Got Me/Curtain Call (Single, 2011)
Eureka Stockade: Eureka Stockade (Album, 2010)
Helen Arney & Paul Richards: It’s Going To Be An Awkward Christmas, Darling (Album, 2010)
Under The Streetlamp: Ideal Mexico (Album, 2010)
Ethan Ash: No Early Nights (EP, 2010)
Matt Corrall Band: Better Days (Single, 2010)
Hodge: Love Is (Single, 2010)
Busker In The Winter Snow: Busker In The Winter Snow (Album, 2009)
Losers: EP1 (EP, 2009)
Matt Corrall Band: That Aint The Blues (Album, 2009)
Eureka Stockade: Distant Lives (EP, 2009)
Name In Lights: Name In Lights (Charity Single For Cancer Research, 2008)
Under The Streetlamp: Mostly Twilight (EP, 2007)
The Deadlines: Just About To Break (EP, 2006)
The Deadlines: Talking Adult (EP, 2006)
Dear Old Blighty: Hug A Colour Printer (EP, 2016)
Dear Old Blighty: EP (EP, 2005)
Siskin: Coming In From The Cold (EP, 2004)
Siskin: EP (EP, 2003)
Ade Bailey: The Lost Weekend (Album, 2003)
Glowsticks: There’s Always More (EP, 2002)