What do you fancy doing with your lunch hour today? Play percussion? Why not!

DRUMCHES - which is, of course, Latin for drum lunches* is a new way to unwind during your precious break. 

A fun and unique way to spend an hour, Paul will bring in various bits of percussion (congas, bongos, shakers, boomwhakers) and host his acclaimed (if exceptionally informal) drum workshop in your workplace. You'll learn various simple rhythms and he’ll have you playing in seconds…we'll play songs, we'll play games, we'll have the most enjoyable lunch hour ever.

Brilliant for team building (without the stigma that goes with it), great for socialising (without actually having to talk to each other), ideal for stress relief (hitting things is famously therapeutic) and much more fun than staring at your phone updating Instagram with pictures of your mediocre jacket potato. Percussion shall be hit, songs shall be sang (badly) and much fun will be had. 

Up to 10 people per session, suitable for meeting rooms, quieter percussion available if there are noise restrictions. Paul is a professional drum/percussion teacher (info here), but these sessions are far more relaxed, aimed at providing fun and entertainment rather than serious learning. 

If you're interested in booking a lunchtime percussion session for your workplace, drop Paul an email: thepaulrichards@gmail.com 

* that bit is an absolute lie.