A comedy writer/performer based in Cambridge, Paul has written 25 shows (over a period of 12 years) that have somehow ended up at the Edinburgh Fringe festival. These include comedic theatre offerings Harvey Greenfield is Running Late, Little Sparks, Some Plays by Paul Richards, Probably the Greatest Goal Ever Scored and two shows for the character, Oscar Pike, as well as six stand-up solo hours (he has since quit stand-up, realising he prefers theatre instead - his final hour, All of this Must Count for Something, was entirely about this).

His plays have been published in the UK and Canada, and have been performed all over the world. Well, mostly the UK, the US and once in South Africa.

Paul’s 2018 show, Short Plays for Marvellous People, recently won an award, whilst his latest show, Harvey Greenfield is Running Late was lauded by The Scotsman and the show is set to run and run for a long time...

Paul tours the UK frequently including, in 2017, a tour which saw him travel from the Portland Island (Weymouth) to the Shetland Islands (Scotland, and then up a fair bit) using public transport only, using his box drum as a suitcase.

50 Ways to Leave Your Drummer; Paul’s bizarre film/total and utter breakdown, in which he spent 18 months trying to get sacked by 50 bands, premiered at the Arts Picturehouse, Cambridge in November 2015. Those to have ‘fired’ Paul for the movie include Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson, John Otway, Frank Turner, Heaven 17, Nik Kershaw and comedian Arthur Smith. Paul then turned the concept into a late-night stage-show, which ran for 22 nights at the Banshee Labyrinth during the 2016 fringe.

My Function Band Hell; Paul’s debut novel, is a love story about a suicidal bassist forced to play in a covers band on a cruise liner. It was released in November 2016 and follows his popular collection of short stories, The Stationery Seller.

Contact: thepaulrichards@gmail.com


“Like an alternative Ferris Bueller…the escalating web of chaos is skilfully scripted in the vein of a classic film comedy. ****” - The Scotsman (on Paul’s show, Harvey Greenfield is Running Late)

“Richards seems to have comic energy to burn…he makes Lee Evans seems narcoleptic by comparison. The result is mostly laugh-out-loud, but punctuated with sorrow. Ingeniously written and powerfully performed. “ - The Swindonian (on Paul’s show, Harvey Greenfield is Running Late)

"This riotously funny show might just be the funniest hour you spend at this year's fringe. Everyone was in stitches throughout." - The Write Angle (on Paul’s show, The Complete History of Pop in an Hour)

"Funny, poignant, unbelievably energetic (I was knackered just watching you!). Loved it." - Barnstaple Theatrefest review (on Paul’s show, Harvey Greenfield is Running Late)

An intricately constructed show that inspires both belly laughs and heartache. Paul Richards plays Harvey, whose kind heart is out of control. Running as fast as he can to meet the needs of those he loves - and avoid the demands of those he’d rather leave behind - Harvey never quite makes time to deal with his own issues of loneliness, insecurity, and bafflement at a world that seems too big for him. It’s true fringe: no set, one man and some impressive voiceover cameos by two actors, playing I lost count of how many characters, but the superb writing and Richards’ gawky, engaging, and fearlessly truthful presence raise it from storytelling comedy to proper drama. His delivery is hyperspeed and relentless – I ended the show feeling I’d missed some of the many layers, but that just made me want to see it again. Well worth the hour spent.” - Michelle Golder - Pivotal (on Paul’s show, Harvey Greenfield is Running Late)

"The script is always fresh...its hilarity burns through constantly, without ever fizzling out." - Tychy blog (on Paul's show, Little Sparks)

“Sweet, grounded and self-deprecating...Paul delivers his stories with a genuine honesty that is immediately endearing.” – Heckler magazine (on Paul’s show, Things Could Be Marvellous)

"The fastest dictation in the west! Poignant, acutely observed comedy which prompts both laughter and introspection." - Barnstaple Theatrefest review (on Paul’s show, Short Plays for Marvellous People)

"Watching Paul Richards on stage is quite a dynamic experience...despite the apparently chaotic nature of the show and the performer, the writing underpinning everything was particularly artful and layered...there are real fleeting moments of wistful melancholy. A puppy wired on own-brand energy drink, you wouldn’t believe he ever sleeps, not once you’ve seen him on stage." - The Swindonian (on Paul’s show, Short Plays for Marvellous People)

“Paul delivers his stories with heart-warming honesty…Paul Richards constantly makes you smile – **** ” – Get Reading (on Paul’s show, Getting Lost in my Hometown)

"Paul Richards’ musical style of comedy will sit well with an audience who likes their comedy with a dash of whimsy; simple yet imaginative, it’s a charming show that’ll tickle you silly." - Visit Dublin (on Paul’s show, One Man and a Box)

A long interview with Paul from Quench magazine can be found HERE

tour/fringe shows

Harvey Greenfield is Running Late (solo) (2019, tour and Edinburgh Fringe)
All of this Must Count for Something (solo) (2019, Edinburgh Fringe)
Comedians Learning How to Play Drums (2018, Edinburgh Fringe, YouTube series)
If in Doubt, Listen to Joe Jackson (solo) (2018, Edinburgh Fringe)
Little Sparks (2018, Edinburgh Fringe, Corpus Playroom residency)
Short Plays for Marvellous People (solo) (2018, tour, Edinburgh Fringe)
One Man and a Box (solo) (2017, tour, Edinburgh Fringe)
12 Stories About Britpop (solo) (2017, Edinburgh Fringe)
The Complete History of Pop in an Hour (2017- 2019, Edinburgh Fringe, UK/Ireland tour, West End performances)
Will: The Bad Boy of Trad-Jazz-Funk Fusion (solo) (2017, Edinburgh Fringe)
A Christmas Storytelling Show That Will (Possibly) Break Your Heart (2016, tour)
Paul Richards Is The Least Of Your Problems (solo) (2016 tour, Edinburgh Fringe)
The Make Or Break Mixtape (2015-2016 Edinburgh Fringe)
The Rix, Rees And Richards Radio Show (2015, Edinburgh Fringe)
Paul Richards: Inadequate Man (solo) (2015, tour, Edinburgh Fringe)
Paul Richards Will Make You Festive (solo) (2014, tour)
The Moments Of Madness That Make Us (solo show) (2014, Edinburgh Fringe)
The Paul Richards Disasters (2014, Edinburgh Fringe)
Getting Lost In My Hometown (solo show) (2014, tour, Edinburgh Fringe)
Some Christmas Plays By Paul Richards (2013, tour)
Things Could Be Marvellous (solo) (2013, Edinburgh Fringe)
Redundancy Club (2013, Edinburgh Fringe)
Some Plays By Paul Richards (2012-2013, Edinburgh Fringe, tour)
There’s Absolutely Nothing Wrong With Oscar Pike (2012, Edinburgh Fringe)
Probably The Greatest Goal Ever Scored (2012, Edinburgh Fringe, First Draft Theatre 6-night London residency)
Is It Too Late To Save Oscar Pike? (2011, Edinburgh Fringe)
Cat Food (2010, Brighton Fringe)
With Arms Outstretched (2009, Edinburgh Fringe)
Drop Me With Dignity (2009, Brighton Fringe)
The Knowledge Of Beauty (2008, Brighton, Buxton and Edinburgh Fringe)
Frank’s Aim Is True (2007, Edinburgh Fringe)
Crackerjoke Writer (2007, London residency, World’s End Players (several performances), Thurrock Courts Players,TopHats - RAF Halton, Parkway West High School)
Bed (2007, Brighton Fringe)
Growing Up With Martin (2006, Edinburgh Fringe)


And Then Things Got Complicated For Emily & Michael (YouTube, 2 series) WATCH

feature films

A Nice House, In A Nice Village, With A Nice Family (2017) WATCH
50 Ways To Leave Your Drummer (2015) WATCH
Christmas With Emily And Michael (2014) WATCH
The Many Struggles Of Oscar Pike (2014) WATCH


My Function Band Hell (2016) - BUY IT HERE
My Car Doesn’t Do Hills (2014) - BUY IT HERE
The Stationery Seller (2014) - BUY IT HERE


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