my function band hell

"Before you say you're going to leave this band, before you say that playing covers is musical prostitution, before you say that every creative cell in your body has been destroyed by our 80s medley of Bros and A-Ha songs, before you say you hate our choice of tunes so much that you're tempted to not listen to another piece of music ever again, before you say you'd rather be dead than play another 50th birthday party gig...don't forget: this band is all you have." Alex. 41. He's lost his flat, his girlfriend, his parents and his dignity. Still, at least he's got his band mates, yes? It's just a shame one of them doesn't talk and the other one has forced them to play a six month residency in the middle of the sea. A fast paced comedic tale from writer and musician Paul Richards about ambition, love and why being in a band is the greatest thing ever. Contains plenty of swear words. BUY HERE

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my car doesn’t do hills

25 snappy, occasionally dark, tales from the typewriter of comedy writer Paul Richards. BUY HERE

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the stationery seller

A collection of short twelve short stories from the typewriter of playwright Paul Richards. Awkward, charming, occasionally romantic. BUY HERE


the twelve monologues of christmas

Featuring twelve short, delightful pieces set in the most joyful time of the year, The Twelve Monologues of Christmas is a warm collection of wintry tales from the typewriter of playwright Paul Richards. From siblings entering war over who gets custody of the Christmas television guide to a turkey who really does just want 'one more chance' before becoming part of a family dinner, these pieces are gentle, witty and often moving. Relentlessly festive throughout, the tales were written for performance by a female cast, but can equally be enjoyed as short stories by everybody. BUY HERE