Paul has now confirmed his Edinburgh Fringe plans, he'll be performing the following shows for all three weeks at the festival in August:

11.30am: Harvey Greenfield is Running Late @ Sweet Grassmarket

2.15pm: The Complete History of Pop in an Hour @ The Globe Bar

6.45pm: All of this Must Count for Something @ Bar Bados

The latter show was originally booked, and intended to be Paul's show, My First Eleven, in which he met all of the players from the first ever Spurs game he went to. Sadly, one of those players, Justin Edinburgh, passed away recently, so Paul felt it would be insensitive to continue with this piece. He'd like to thank footballers Neil Ruddock and Vinny Samways for their help with this production, as they were most cooperative with the show before Mr Edinburgh's sad passing. The replacement show, All of this Must Count for Something, is Paul's fifth and final stand-up hour.