I keep thinking that I can’t possibly accept any more private students as a drum teacher, but somehow I manage to juggle things about a bit to make it work. I think I have enough now; 31 private students and 5 schools, there’s a point where I’m just being greedy but, well, I’m enjoying running these lessons and the students seem to be really into it, too.

It’s been an exciting time as a drum teacher; we recently had our first ‘Paul Richards drummers showcase’ show, where 19 of my students performed live for the first time in front of a friendly public audience. They all stormed it (playing a song or two each) and I was so proud it was almost emotional. I remember my first gig vividly - August 12th 2000, and it’s great that my young students now have their own memories of their first ever show to treasure. I’ve also recently had the pleasure of running a drum workshop in Derbyshire…it’s the first time in a while I’ve had to run a group session to a mass amount of people but we had an amazing time and I’d love to do it all again soon.

Elsewhere, my new show, Harvey Greenfield is Running Late, opened last night at the wonderful Swindon Fringe Festival. Gotta be honest, this a show that is stressing me out a bit. The plot is simple: Harvey is a man who has recently had a car crash so, without transport, has to run everywhere, and is constantly late…for everything. His stress levels build to a frantic climax.

Performing it hasn’t been easy for two reasons: 1) it’s 32 pages of solid dialogue and 2) I’m really unfit. It’s a solo play I’ve written for myself but never knew it would be this physically intensive. It really works, though, and the audiences seem to enjoy watching me, well, struggle. Next stop is Brighton Fringe, before it heads to festivals in Barnstaple, Brighton, Reading, Buxton, Finland and 25 days in Edinburgh. I’d best start going to the gym, or something.

In the meantime, as a drummer, the new-look Fred’s House re-launched with an epic, sweaty, sold-out show at the Ent Shed in Bedford, and I’ve been rehearsing hard with the relentlessly complicated Glymjack ahead of summer festival dates with them.

Anyway, back to my Easter ‘break’, which mostly involves booking more things in and arguing with my other half about how many drum kits I’m allowed in the house. She’s out at the moment; I wonder if I can sneakily buy a new Ludwig and hide it in the spare room?