Another year, another Edinburgh Fringe done. This one felt a tad more challenging due to the fact that I attempting more shows than ever this year (4 solo shows a day, plus opening the Cambridge Comedy Collective gig every night) alongside keeping an eye on Little Sparks, the play I wrote, which was also running. To add to the already exhausting schedule, I caught shingles in the first week, which slowed me down a tad. Despite all of this, though, the fringe remains the most exciting month of my year (replacing Christmas, now I'm 37 and slowly growing out of it) and this year was no different; a magical, arty world of great shows, wonderful moments (such as being in the house band for John-Luke Roberts), seeing old friends, meeting new friends, saying hello to people who have been watching my shows for years and years. I performed 97 times over a 22-period and, despite now being totally knackered, had an amazing stay in the beautiful city. The reviews were good and I even got a tasty writing commission out of it...massive thanks to everyone who helped made that happen. 

My three and a bit weeks in Edinburgh were book-ended by band festival gigs, from the superb (Cambridge Rock Festival, Catfest) to the soaking (Camp Bestival - a cracking event but hit by some of the worst storms in Dorset's history...), reminding me that out of my comedy/theatre bubble I am very much a drummer. Our third album (as Fred's House) comes out at the end of October and it's honestly a career highlight. Plenty of shows coming up with them soon, and I'm back to the drum teaching next week. In the meantime, however, I am treating myself to my first three consecutive days off this year...I predict I'll get bored after 2.