Well, March just flew by in a flurry of teaching (now at 5 different colleges with a growing number of private students...if you're up for drum lessons with this lanky rascal then get in touch ASAP as I'm running out of hours!) and fabulous creative activity. 

I'm getting all excited about my play, Little Sparks, now we've confirmed a 5 night run at the Corpus Christi Playhouse ahead of 3 weeks at the fringe; I'm flattered to have my first-choice team of actors bringing this to life. Rehearsals haven't actually started yet as half the cast are in Cats, but there's a nice schedule in place and it's in good hands. In the meantime, I've been working hard on my If in Doubt, Listen to Joe Jackson show, and even harder in booking in a tour for it - more on that soon! My other active show at the moment, Short Plays for Marvellous People, was on tour throughout the month with shows in Cambridge, Birmingham, London and Southampton, all of which I enjoyed a lot. And, on a final comedy note, the latest edition of Let's Face the Music and Bants (the night I produce for The Plough, Shepreth) was an absolute cracker. That's an evening that didn't work initially, but now we have a dedicated audience who totally get it and the guests are wonderful every time...looking forward to the April one very much indeed.

Musically, we went all theatrical and filmed the promotional video for the new Fred's House single, Never Gonna Love You, which is a big budget, lavish affair. Our somewhat extensive tour starts in April and it'll be great to be back on the road with these guys, we've been so busy in the studio working on the album that we've barely gigged since the China tour. In the meantime, I've been gigging with Gavin Chappell-Bates (including his album launch) and Claudia McKenzie, all of these shows have been really fun.

I've had a rare bit of time off over Easter, so a great chance to actually see friends, family and my girlfriend, but I've also been writing a new musical at the same time...we'll see if that ever sees the light of day. I'm currently involved in 4 different productions that are heading to the fringe in the summer, as well as band touring work and 25-ish hours drum teaching a week so maybe I have enough on at it stands. We'll see!