The plan was to write this blog every month, but real life has got in the way...which is a good thing, because it means I'm too busy doing exciting things (touring, writing, teaching, recording) to be sat at a PC writing about myself. I comfortably predict that my next post on here will be in 2019, so we may as well get festive now because it's December next week. 

It's been a frantic couple of months; on a 'normal' level much has changed - I've moved house (in with my lovely girlfriend, which officially makes me a grownup), I've bought a sensible car (a people carrier - which not only means I'm a grownup, it means I am becoming a boring one too) and went on holiday to America (where I got a bit obsessed with Alcatraz and have since bought many books about it...). On a career level, I've got more drum students than ever and many of them are starting to gig now, which is amazing. I've been on tour with Fred's House to promote our third album, Careless - we're packing out huge rooms at the moment and having the best time ever on the road, suddenly feels like this 8 years of hard work is starting to pay off...also, The Complete History of Pop made a successful West End debut and continues to be the show that has never failed me. We're touring it next year, all over the country, before bringing it back to the Edinburgh Fringe. I've never had a show that has lasted 3 years before, but we keep finding new ways to freshen this one up and it's a hit with audiences so I should probably just be grateful. 

Anyway. Christmas. I've written a new book, The Other Side of Christmastime, which is out on 30th's 11 short festive monologues/stories, it took me ages to write so please do buy it (it's available on Amazon) if you're into that sort of thing. I've also got a new comedy show, We Only Meet Up at Christmas, launching in December, which I'm sure will be fine once I've finished writing it. 

Lots happening, with next year looking even busier. More soon, in the meantime I'm amazed that you've read all this, if you have - well done, you.